Welcome to the BibleConsultant.com!

This website has been built in memory of Mr. Frank Boockholdt, a man that I considered to be my spiritual father! My name is Dr. Mike White, and I’m proud to say that I was a part of Frank’s life. I still hear his booming, thunderous voice in my head saying, “Tell me what you studied out of the Bible this week!” It was impossible to get close to Frank and not fall in love with the Bible. It was, other than his relationship with God, the most important thing in his life!

The objective of this website is to present what are often controversial subjects in a way that will make you think or rethink your position. The number one goal of every Christian should be to live and preach/teach the truth of God’s Word, not what we “think” or what our “opinion” is. Please keep in mind, all of the content on this page is from Frank Boockholdt’s original website, nothing has been altered. His comments were his own, and may or may not resonate with everybody. While I agreed with much of what Frank taught, there were occasional differences of opinion, which he always appreciated. Therefore, know in advance that you may not agree with everything you read, but these were Frank’s thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and I think the world is a better place because of his life and teaching!

Frank often said things that made people mad, but at the end of the day, they went home and studied more diligently than they ever had before! Frank’s mission was to get people to read and study the Word of God, not just assume that what some teacher or preacher told them was correct.

Originally, this website was hosted with another provider. For some reason, they deleted all of the files from Frank’s original website. Thankfully, after Frank’s passing, I took the time to make copies of everything Frank had on his website, and now I am working to restore that information on this one. I have even tried to preserve the look and feel of his original website, to include the purple background! Purple was his favorite color, in fact, he rarely was found without his purple felt tip pen!! This is a work in progress, so keep stopping by from time to time to see what’s new!

Blessings as you continue on your journey to serve the one and only Great God Jehovah!


Advanced Warning:

Some people may find Frank’s writings crass and a bit rude. The fact is, Frank lived up to his name! He was always very frank when discussing the Word of God! He always believed the Bible contained so much that could benefit mankind that there was no need to try to tip-toe around issues. So, with that said, you will find that Frank, from time to time, said things in his writings that may, at the surface, appear offensive – but try to move past that and hear the truth of what he was trying to convey. I did that, and learned a lifetime of lessons from this amazing man of God!